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Your opinion on the topic: What is your/a home?

How is the term "home" understood by people of different backgrounds, cultures and different ages? I go in search of similarities and differences.

Traveling the world has never been easier. We can network digitally, we can spend semester abroad, stay outside our home country for a certain period of time or longer. 

Some of us need to change the place of their being involuntarily and leave home, building a new, temporary or permanent home. How has the understanding of the domicile changed in the last decades? In the age of (seemingly) unlimited possibilities, we may look differently at our cave, our abode, our nest than our grandparents do or did. Does understanding change in the growing age? 

This is an attempt to learn as much as possible from each other and with each other and to expand our beliefs. We want to think about it and talk about what the home really is?

Do you want to participate? Here are the three questions I would like to ask you. Pass them on, share them with friends, talk about it and re-shape the term for you. Answer me (if you want) anonymously, however, with indication of your age and your origin. Because that's what it's all about here, we want intercultural and cross-age communication. 

And here are the questions: 

1. What is the "home" for you personally, in a structural and immaterial sense? 

2. Can everyone only have one home? 

3. Are there criteria for a good home? 

Send me your answers to and I will publish them in my blog


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